Property owner questions planning
commission about county road

Beth Rumsey
Staff Wrier

The application for a rezone from A-2 to Roadside Business filed by Ed Fraley, tabled at the December meeting, was considered at the regular planning commission meeting on Tuesday, January 5. The application will include 20.1869 acres at property near Elrod.

The planning commission informed Fraley that due to zoning regulations only one residence could be permitted at the location. The motion to send the application for rezone to the county commissioners with a favorable recommendation was unanimously approved with county surveyor Jeff French abstaining.

Ted Cooley, representing Deborah Fredrick, presented the application for primary approval of the Fredrick Three Lot Agricultural Subdivision. The application will include approximately 13 acres in Laughery Township.

Crystal Laker, adjoining property owner, questioned the commission regarding a letter she received from the county highway department claiming Base Road is a county road. After a discussion between Cooley, Laker, and the commission, it was agreed that Laker will be notified prior to widening the road. The motion to grant primary was unanimously approved.

In other business:

• Officers for 2010 will continue to be Steve Youngman, president; Ed Newman, vice-president, and Tad Brinson, secretary.

• Amendments to section 80.19 and 80.20 regarding industrial setback requirements, tabled at the last meeting, were unanimously approved to send to the county commissioners with a favorable recommendation.

All board members were in attendance. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 2 beginning at 7 p.m. at the courthouse annex.