Milan man is found guilty on several charges

Wanda English Burnett

Douglas Norman, 53, of Milan, has been found guilty on several felony charges in Dearborn County Superior Court.

Norman, who ran a used car lot in Lawrenceburg, was charged with forgery, intimidation, intimidation with a deadly weapon, making false sales documents, theft, and attempt to commit theft. These charges were for activities relating to a dealership owned by Norman, Doug’s Cars on US 50 in Lawrenceburg.

A bench trial before Judge Sally Blankenship was held in December of 2010 with Norman being found guilty. The charges were actually filed in May of 2009.

Norman has since had his license revoked to practice business in the City of Lawrenceburg. The city could revoke his license since Norman has been convicted of a felony.

The crimes he was charged for were related to the way he did business at the car lot. People would pay one amount for a vehicle in cash, and then on the Used Vehicle Order another amount would be documented so the person and the dealership would pay less in sales tax.

The Dearborn County Register
reported that people who tried to get refunds after returning a vehicle due to engine problems, title problems and more, were not able to get their money back.

The Dearborn County newspaper also noted that Norman received his business license for his Lawrenceburg business in May of 2007. He was then denied a Lawrenceburg business license for a second mechanical garage in 2008 due to him being arrested for altering an odometer.

Sentencing for Norman will take place January 27.