Three businesses opening soon


Gold Star Chili, Pizza Hut Express, and George's Pharmacy will take residence in the above pictured building complex this spring. The building is owned and was designed by Scott and Cindy Neal of Osgood. Gold Star Chili is a franchise owned by Marc Rulli and Dave Mayerk and will be the first to open around the first of March. This business has bricks incorporated into the inside design from the house that had been torn down for the progress of the building. That house was built in 1865. Gold Star Chili will seat 90 plus and have outdoor patio dining. Marc's wife, Kristi French Rulli, is from Moores Hill and was the 1992 Versailles Pumpkin Show Queen representing South Dearborn. The second business to open will be Pizza Hut Express, which is owned by the Pizza Hut corporation and will be pick up and delivery only. They plan to open the first part of April along with George's Pharmacy, who has stores in Sunman and Brookville. The project manager for the three-unit building is Travis Neal. The Neals used all local contractors for the project. All three businesses will employ about 50 people . The new business building is located between Washington and Main streets across from UCB on US 50 in Versailles.