Napier held on $50,000 bond for part in drug store robbery in May

Wanda English Burnett

Amanda Napier, 34 of Glenwood, appeared in the Ripley County Circuit Court Wednesday, October 12 for an arraignment hearing. She is facing a Class C Felony charge for the Conspiracy to Commit Robbery at G.A. Triplett and Son Pharmacy in Osgood on May 9, 2011.

Ripley County Prosecutor Ric Hertel requested Judge Carl Taul set Napier’s bail at $50,000 - with Napier being released if she can post 10 percent or $5,000. Taul agreed.

Mark Jones was appointed as Napier’s attorney after she told the judge, “I don’t have no money to (pay for an attorney).”

Napier was being housed in the Decatur County Jail before the arraignment to keep her from making contact with David E. Ison. Ison is being held at the Ripley County Jail on a $5 million bond for the attempted armed robbery of the Triplett pharmacy. Napier is suspected to have assisted Ison in the robbery.

Since Ison’s arraignment for the attempted armed robbery he has been charged with the September 25 murders of Angela A. Napier, Roy D. Napier, Jacob L. Napier, Melissa L. Napier and Henry X Smith, who were all found shot to death in Laurel. It is unknown if Amanda Napier has any connection to the murders.

It is also not known if Napier is related to the Napier family that was murdered; however, she reportedly told police she “thought they were kin”. Napier is her married name.

The scene around the courthouse and in the courtroom at Napier’s hearing appeared to be less intense, with noticeably less police presence, compared to when Ison appeared for his arraignment on September 29. According to the October 4 issue of the Osgood Journal, Ison arrived to the courthouse for his arraignment with heavy security wearing a bullet proof vest.

While in the courtroom, Napier never once tried to hide her face from those present. However, she left the courthouse in handcuffs, covering her face with the sweatshirt she was wearing and her court documents - never revealing her face even as the police cruiser drove away.

Napier’s trial is scheduled for March 20-21, 2012. She will continue to be held at the Decatur County Jail until Ison is transferred out of the Ripley County Jail to keep the two from making contact.

Amanda Napier is led from the Ripley County Courthouse after court on Wednesday by Sheriff Grills.