Lt. Pete Stenger receives lifetime handgun permit
Versailles officer honored for service

Kari Moore
Staff Writer

Town Marshal Joe Mann and the Versailles Town Council members honored Versailles Police Department Lieutenant Pete Stenger at the October 13 meeting for the Versailles Town Board. Stenger recently retired from the Versailles Police Department.

Stenger received a plaque with his old badge recognizing his service, his duty weapon he carried with him and a lifetime handgun permit. “Pete served the town for 20 years as a police officer in various positions from town marshal to reserve officer,” said Mann. “He served us all very well.”

Versailles resident Standley Taylor brought his concerns to the board after he experienced a water leak. He said he was on vacation and was never notified of the leak. Town Maintenance Superintendent Kevin Hensley said the meter reader left a pink leak notice on the door, but Taylor said he didn’t see the notice. Board member Sue Meisberger suggested the board insist that from now on the water meter readers call if there is no one at home and a leak notice is left. Taylor asked the board to “just be fair to the next person who has a leak, give them a call or something.”

Attorney Larry Eaton was recently approached by county commissioners who found more items needing to be repaired at the courthouse. The clock, which the Town of Versailles owns, needs more work. “They found a lot of other problems once they got up there,” said Eaton. The clock is working, the numbers are being repainted and other repairs are taking place.

In other news:

• The board has been asked to reapply for a $50,000 grant from Rising Sun Regional
Foundation for renovations to the old fire hall.

• The board announced the new park board.

• The board approved the lease for ETC to use the big water tower in Versailles for their 4G Internet project. ETC agreed to a $600 monthly fee.

• Marshal Mann asked the board about applying for grants to get equipment for new reserve officers.

• Fire Chief Ben Sieverding reported the Versailles Fire Department responded to 36 calls last month including a structure fire in Holton, vehicle fire at NAPA, a farm accident, and assisted the Osgood and Dillsboro fire departments with two calls.

Board members in attendance were Sue Meisberger and Steve Mathes, along with Clerk-Treasurer Kiersten Libby and maintenance superintendent Kevin Hensley.
The next regular scheduled meeting of the Versailles Town Council is set for Thursday, November 10 at 7:00 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.